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Stock Average Calculator

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The stock average calculator is the perfect analytic tool that briefly explains your stock price condition. It helps you to manage your shares to get a better understanding of your portfolio. It will highlight the best opportunity to buy stock for its current price. 

Stock average down allows you to bring down the average cost price of your whole portfolio. It will be an essential strategic part of managing your portfolio. Suppose at the time of Down Fall, you buy more shares at a low price. It will bring down the average price of your portfolio.

How To Use Stock Average Calculator

There are a few steps to use the stock average cost calculator.

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Stock Average Calculator Result showing average per share, total number of share, and total cost.
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Stock Average Calculator excel file.

Step 1 Number of shares

First, you need to enter the number of shares. You can add the number of shares you got at the given price point.

Step 2 Purchase Price

For the number of shares you enter in the average stock price calculator, you need to enter the price of the share at which you bought those shares. You can easily find these two numbers in the Purchase history.

 Step 3 Purchase Date (Optional)

You can also add a stock purchase date, but we mark it as optional. It's up to you whether you want to display the date. But you must add the Purchase date to understand your Purchase Decision or get valuable insight. It will help you to trace your purchasing pattern as well as help you to manage your shares.

 Step 4 Click Calculate Stock

 You can get your accurate result by just clicking the calculate stock button.

 Step 5 Calculate the Result

It'll give you a free result which you can use to evaluate your shares. It'll give you the calculated average cost per share and other results. The result you got is

  • Calculate the average cost per share
  • Total number of shares you bought so far
  • The total cost of those shares

 Additional Information 

All transactions are shown in the form of a table which you can copy and paste and make your own excel file.

How does a Stock average calculator work?

Stock average calculator, or average share price calculator, is a handy tool to calculate the average share price you are currently analyzing. It'll help you strategize and analyze the stock you are buying in the dip or the Breakthrough in an upward Trend.

It will help you either excel at that opportunity or sell your underperforming stock to minimize your loss if you can bring down the average price of your share value in your portfolio. It will make your whole portfolio profitable even in the slightest share price movement.

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stock average down calculator

What is the Purpose of an Average Stock Price Calculator?

The basic phenomena of the average stock calculator are simple. If the current price of the stock you're interested in is already bought and sitting in your portfolio. Then after the sudden dip or Breakthrough in the candlesticks, give you the signal to avail the opportunity.

When you decide, some questions arise in your mind after doing your technical this an excellent price to balance out my portfolio? Did you check the average stock price of that share? If the candle is red and makes a significant breakthrough in the downward trend, You can buy more shares. Similar goes for moving in the opposite direction of the stock. You might start booking profit if the average price exceeds the share's current price.

There are many factors that involve deciding to buy the stock. One of the main factors is to look at the average stock calculator before deciding because it will help you avail of the opportunity that most people are not willing to.

Work Perfectly For Buying And Hold Strategy

If you are fully interested, find one outstanding suitable stock and use the buy-and-hold strategy for the longer term. Then the stock average calculator is the must-go for you. To get the most out of it, you need to invest continuously in this stock for the most extended period. It's a must to use buy-and-hold strategies. It would help if you always used the average down calculator before deciding.

 It's not ideal for your portfolio if the current stock which you are holding goes down from your buying price. It's an absolute Nightmare for most investors. But if you invest in them again and buy sufficient stock at the lowest price, it will bring down the average stock price.

It will help you to make your whole portfolio profitable. But on the opposite side, if your stock moves upward and goes above the average price. It would help if you decided whether you want to increase the overall portfolio average price or wait until it reaches the threshold level of your average price. 

Stock Average Calculator Working Explain

 For better understanding, we present you a simple scenario. suppose in January, you bought 100 shares of Bruce Wayne public limited at $30. At the start of February, because of some bad news, the price dropped to $20.

 To follow the strategies of buy and hold you decided to use this opportunity to bring down the average price of your portfolio. Your current price is $30. Buying 100 more shares for $20 will bring down your average stock price to $25.

 Even though it reached $27 in March, it is below your initial buy price of $30. But your whole portfolio is a net profit of $2 because you bring down your average share price of $25.

If you decide to buy again in March, the price has already reached $27, higher than the average stock price of $25. it would be best if you were careful to buy more stock because it will eventually increase your average price. But this is not always the case if there is positive news. You need to bring up your average price depending on the market, not just based on your average price.

How To calculate averaging down in stocks

In order to calculate the average down in stock, you need to use the above calculator or use this formula to manually calculate the average cost per share.

Average stock price = (No of shares for A* purchase price for A) + (No of shares for B* purchase price for B) / (No of shares for A + No of shares for B)


  • Easy to analyze your portfolio.
  • Easy to calculate.
  • Instant results, which help to make decisions.


  •  Making a Purchase Decision based on average price is not a wise decision.


Stock average calculators allow you to find out the average price of the shares which you bought. If there is a dip in the market, you can buy more shares to bring the average price of your portfolio down in order to maintain Profitability.

The main advantage of an average down stock price is that when you follow the buy and hold strategy. There is a sudden dip in the market, and you share in the loss case in order to recover your loss and take advantage of the dip. You need to bring down the average price of your shares. When the average price is down, it will help you to recover your losses with the slightest move in an uptrend.

Average down is much better to use when your market after the dip, And Boss back at the specific price point will help you to bring down the average price of your whole portfolio. But averaging up is a risky move. If the market falls down after touching an all-time high and taking a correction, your whole portfolio goes to a loss.


 The accurate and simple Stock average calculator helps you to make decisions when buying to maintain your portfolio. For a Hold and buy strategy, this average calculator is found helpful by many leading stock brokers.

 Instead of doing the thing manually, you can get the instant result, but just put the value in the calculator and it will do the job for you. It is designed in a simple manner so that everyone, from a beginner to a professional, can easily use this calculator.